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Crowdfunding to Pay for Study Abroad

It’s always good to plan ahead and budget for your study abroad experience. Start by putting away a little extra cash each month to help save for your study abroad payments. In previous years, students have been successful using a variety of creative measures. Some ideas include: 

Asking family members, your church or a community organization: Do your grandparents or great aunts and uncles usually buy you something for your birthday or an important holiday? Discuss your desire to study abroad! Often family members are more willing to help when they understand this is an educational experience which will help advance your personal, professional, and academic goals!

Fundraising in a group or as an individual: You can start fundraising for study abroad once you have been selected and are certain you will be going abroad. You should start a campaign on social media or converse with close friends and colleagues in your personal network. Some students have even taken the initiative to fundraise collectively as a group to raise more money even quicker. Some group ideas include car washes, bake sales, raffle fundraisers, and selling products such as t-shirts, water bottles, etc. 

Other popular ways to fundraise include using a site called:

With this site you can create your own Travel Campaign and start raising funds now!

How it works: 

Start your campaign
  1. Create a page showcasing your cause
  2. Create profile: Why are you passionate about traveling abroad?
  3. Raise funds: Collect donations from your network of friends.