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External Providers

Below is a list of some of our external providers offering study abroad programs to participate in:
AIFS recognizes the challenges today’s students face with meeting the cost of their education, as such they are committed to providing financial assistance to as many students as possible.
  • AIFS will provide an affiliate grant of $400 for each student enrolling in an academic semester program and $200 for each student enrolling in a summer program. The grant will be applied directly to each student's program invoice as a reduction of the program fee.
  • Also check out the NAFEO-AIFS Scholarship for HBCU that offers up to 50% off semester program fee and many more scholarship offers by clicking the link above to AIFS website. 
API knows that financing your time abroad can be difficult to plan for, that is why they offers scholarships annually ranging from $250 -$2000 per student to facilitate student participation in study abroad. In order to view the API scholarships available and apply, visit API Scholarships. API also includes information regarding additional outside scholarship that are available.
Barcelona SAE will provide students with preferred enrollment and an affiliate scholarship for study abroad and internship programs. The scholarship will be applied directly to each student's program invoice as a reduction of the program fee. 
$750 discount per student accepted to SIS + internship semester program in 2019; $500 as of 2020.
$500 discount per student accepted to (JAB, IJB, or UPF semester study program).
$500 discount per student accepted to an internship program.
$250 discount per student accepted to a SIS semester program.     
$250 discount per student accepted to a January, May, or Summer study program
Click on the Barcelona Study Abroad Experience link above and check out all scholarship offerings.

CAPA will provide an affiliate scholarship of $300 per student on a CAPA Global Cities Summer Program and CAPA Global Seminar and $600 on a CAPA Global Cities Semester Program and CAPA Global Institutes.
Additionally there is a HBCU grant which provides students from a Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) with an automatic grant as follows: $1,000 for one of CAPA’s fall or spring semester programs or $500 for one of our summer programs.
There is also a need-base scholarship. Click the link above to visit CAPA website for more details and additional scholarship/grant opportunities.

CIEE believes that cost should not be an obstacle to study abroad as such they will award $2500 for a summer program or $2000 for a January program, unless arranged as part of a special funding agreement with Institution. Students may apply for any awards for which they are eligible. The standard maximum award from CIEE for each student attending CIEE Study Abroad Programs cannot exceed $6500 for a semester program. There are several other scholarships and grants such as the GAIN Travel Grant which offers students $350 to $2,000 toward airfare, as well as other needs-based scholarship. Please use the link above to access CIEE website for steps on how to apply and eligibility requirements. 
CISabroad will, for all semester, intern and short-term programs, provide Prairie View A&M University students with preferred enrollment and program discounts as follows.
  • $250 discount per student accepted to a semester-long study program.
  • $100 discount per student accepted to a short-term or any intern program.
As far as we're concerned, financial limitations shouldn't prevent you from studying abroad with us. That's why we offer more than $5 million in scholarships and aid. One of which is open to students who are currently attending an HBCU, a historically black college or university.

A $2,000 scholarship will be awarded as follows:

$1,500 credit toward the IES Abroad program fee
$500 reimbursement toward the purchase of an overseas airline ticket for the IES Abroad program. After confirming your place in an IES Abroad fall, spring, academic year, or calendar year program, you must present a valid, overseas airline itinerary in order to receive the $500 reimbursement. Click the link above to check out the IES Abroad website for more details and eligibility requirements as well as other scholarship offerings. 

ISA will give a $200 discount or  may designate $200 towards a grant fund to each Prairie View A&M University student who applies to an ISA program.  Prairie View A&M University may use the grant fund towards ISA programs as they see fit. ISA will also waive the standard late-fee for any Prairie View A&M University students who apply to an ISA program after the expiration of the published deadline. 
ISEP is committed to providing affordable study programs for students all around the world. ISEP offers a scholarship of $500 through their ISEP Community Scholarship. Students who are statistically underrepresented in study abroad are encouraged to apply. There are several other scholarship opportunities available, use the link above to access ISEP website for more information on scholarship opportunities.
Loop Abroad will provide a $250 program discount to every student from Prairie View A&M University participating in a Loop Abroad semester program. Additional Loop provides several other funding options including offering a need-based financial aid of up to $5000 for semester programs. This aid is given as a discount on tuition and does not need to be repaid.
Sol Education Abroad will grant a $100 scholarship to each Prairie View University student that enrolls in the Sol Education Abroad program. The scholarship amount will be deducted directly from the students Sol Education Abroad Program Invoice.
The Intern Group Offer students accepted into the program a $300 USD discount on the published program fees.